Watching TV will be an entirely new experience.

In addition to its compact design and its ergonomic remote control, the Flip TV home entertainment system offers advanced features that will make your everyday life easier.

Loads of great TV for less than you'd think

Choose from some of the best Australian and International programming.

With Flip TV you get access to over 30 free channels and access to loads of on demand entertainment – from just $12.95 a month, with no monthly contract.

Free to Air TV

With the Flip TV entertainment system, you can get over 30 free to air channels.

By simply connecting your existing antenna – your regional TV programming will be integrated into the Flip TV entertainment system. You also get access to loads of on demand entertainment like vTuner and France 24.

7 Day TV Guide

View the program schedule in the blink of an eye.

Thanks to the integrated TV Guide, you can view up to 7 days in advance for every channel on the Flip TV entertainment system.

Replay TV

Did you know you can watch your favourite programs from the last 24 hours?

Simply go to the REPLAY section of the Flip TV menu and select the program you want to watch from over 30 of your favourite channels.

24 Hour Rewind

REWIND up to 24 hours on over 30 of your favourite channels!

The PAUSE and REWIND feature allows you to simply: stop, rewind and play it again if you miss something or go back to any point in the last 24 hours!


Enjoy the best apps to make your TV experience complete:

  • Radio: With just a click from your TV tune over 100,000 live radio stations from around the world and enjoy the best programs of music, news, sports, concerts and more with vTuner internet radio.
  • Media centre: display your computer, USB or external hard drive content on your TV screen.
  • News: All the latest international news and programmes in video.