Mobile – Terms and Conditions


1. Service

Flip TV Pty Ltd (ABN 78 600 712 230) provides Mobile Sim only plans. You can transfer your existing mobile number to Flip TV from your current provider, or Flip TV can provide you with a new mobile number. All new Flip TV sim cards come with active voicemail diversions. To set up voicemail from your mobile, Dial 321 and follow the prompts through the recorded tutorial. You will be asked to set up your PIN, Name and Greeting. To deactivate your voicemail dial ##002# from your handset.


2. Service Coverage

Available on the Optus Mobile Coverage Network


3. Plans

All plans are available only on direct debit through a nominated Credit Card. Mobile services are only available in selected coverage areas. The Service fees are charged on your first Flip TV invoice. You understand that mobile service fees are charged from the date Flip TV activates your mobile connection. Flip TV will rely on the mobile carrier for the activation date; as such, this date will be the start of the billing charges, irrespective of whether the service is in use. It remains the customers’ responsibility to connect the service. Should you wish to withdraw your mobile plan after you have agreed to proceed with the order, Flip TV reserves the right to charge a $99.00 withdrawal fee even though the connection is not completed. You are responsible for your internet use and security; therefore, Flip TV takes no responsibility for any data downloaded and/or the content stored on your mobile handset.


4. Direct Debit

All mobile plans are available only on direct debit through a nominated Credit Card. Flip TV will send you a monthly invoice and will debit your credit card on the due date of your Flip TV invoice. A fee of $11.00 applies if the direct debit transaction is rejected. If you choose to change your Direct Debit details, please contact Flip TV Customer Service on 1300 354 788.


5. Additional Service charges

Additional charges apply for services such as 1900, 123 Sensis, International roaming and International calls. These rates are consistently changing therefore Flip TV is unable to determine the exact rates of these services. You may incur high usage charges on your Flip TV account when using 1900, 123 Sensis and International calls/Roaming from your Flip TV sim card.

Current mobile internet connection charges are included depending on the data limit in the plan. Mobile internet connection is then restricted until the end of the calendar month if data limit has been reached.


6. Mobile Internet Activation

Flip TV sim cards come with active mobile internet. In order for Flip TV to deactivate mobile internet, Flip TV must receive a request from the client.


7. Premium Services

Mobile premium services are content information and entertainment services that are delivered to your mobile phone that cost more than a standard SMS. There are many services you can purchase. These services include: mobile ringtones, mobile wallpaper, games, chat services, competitions, horoscopes, age-restricted content news, sports and weather updates music and video clips. Mobile premium services, often referred to as premium SMS/MMS/TXT, are offered using numbers starting with ‘191’, ‘193’-‘197’ and ‘199’. Mobile premium services in Australia are usually accessed by entering your phone number into an internet page or sending an SMS to the advertised number, which initiates the service to deliver the content to your mobile phone. Flip TV takes no responsibility for any third party contents or data downloaded that are received through a premium service. To Stop premium services on your phone, you need to reply ‘STOP’ to the number included in the message or on your bill. You will then receive a message from the premium content supplier confirming the cancellation of the service or you can give Flip TV a call on 1300 354 788 to arrange to have all premium 19 numbers blocked. For more information about premium service you can Visit the ACMA website by clicking here


8. International IDD and Roaming

Flip TV Sim cards come with International IDD and Roaming restrictions. Prices are consistently changing and are charged at higher rates. Roaming and International call charges may be delayed due to delivery of calls from overseas carriers. Call Flip TV to obtain the most current Roaming and IDD rates. A bond of $250.00 may be required to activate International IDD or roaming. This bond may be held by Flip TV for a minimum of 3 months.


9. Mobile Exclusions

International Calls, International roaming calls, 1900 calls, 123 Sensis calls or Directory calls, Call minder Operator calls and Premium SMS. It is the customer’s responsibility to manage these services as they may incur higher monthly bills.


10. Mobile number portability

Mobile number portability lets you keep your existing mobile number when changing service providers. Taking your number to another provider is known as ‘porting’. Your mobile number will be required to remain active during the process of porting.

Prior to porting your mobile number to Flip TV you must be aware of any contractual obligations or outstanding invoices with your current provider. Flip TV takes no responsibility of any charges with your current provider.

You can only port your number to Flip TV if you are the authorised customer, that is, the person who has the mobile service account with the existing provider. You understand any additional discounts, benefits and services from your current provider will not automatically be transferred or may no longer be available.