What speeds can I expect with Flip NBN?

Flip nbn will provide speeds as close as possible to the maximum speed of the plan at any time. Different types of nbn™ technologies and other general factors including Modem/Routers, hardware configurations and the number of devices connected can affect the speed of your internet. Devices connected via Wi-Fi will generally experience slower speeds than those connected via an Ethernet cable.

If your premises is serviced by nbn™ FTTN or FTTB technology, the maximum attainable speed of your nbn™ service will not be known until you we run a Service Qualification with nbn™ on the address during the ordering process. We will inform you of your maximum line speed prior to the order being submitted with nbn™, if the attainable speeds are lower than the selected plan. If you happen to experience significantly lower speeds than those expected, our technicians will look into this and provide assistance to improve your nbn™ service.

For further information about speeds, please check our: Key Fact Sheet