How does the Flip NBN connection process work?

After submitting your nbn™ order to Flip, we will commence provisioning your service with nbn™ within 12-24 business hours. If we need any further information or approval, we’ll be in touch via Phone, SMS or Email. If you notice any details are incorrect, please contact us as soon as possible.
Once your order has been submitted to nbn™, generally if you are already connected to the nbn™ with another provider and just transferring, you’ll usually be connected within 24-48 business hours as long as all the installed nbn™ devices are plugged in and turned on. Please contact us if you’re not connected within this time frame or you are missing nbn™ devices for HFC, FTTC, FTTP and Fixed Wireless Technologies - no nbn™ devices are installed for FTTN and FTTB technologies.
If an installation appointment is required, you’ll be notified via SMS directly from nbn™ of a site appointment time and date to complete any installations - make sure to respond to nbn's SMS message to accept the appointment as they will not show up on the date if there is no response. You can also view your site appointment through your online account. If you have selected a modem from Flip, your modem will be scheduled for delivery a few days prior to your site appointment or sent as soon as possible for transferring nbn™ connections.
When your nbn™ service is active, you’ll receive a welcome email from Flip confirming that the service is active.