Flip NBN Connection Process

  1. We receive your online order and submit in system for approval. If we need any further information or approval (such as new development charges) we’ll be in touch via phone, sms or email. If you notice any details are incorrect, please contact us as soon as possible.
  2. Once your order is approved, you’ll be advised by sms of a site appointment time and date to complete any installations if required. Your modem will be scheduled for delivery a few days prior to your site appointment or sent as soon as possible for transferring nbn connections. Generally, if you are already connected to the nbn with another provider and just transferring, you’ll usually be connected within 24-72 hours (please contact us if you’re not connected within this time frame).
  3. On the date of your site appointment, your service should be active. You’ll receive a sms notification as well as a welcome email

Need More Support?

If you cannot find an answer in our support page, you can contact us for further help.