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Here's what others think about Flip nbn:

... I always look at supporting Australian Owned Businesses, and more so in these difficult times. I would definitely 100% recommend FLIP as great NBN service provider! Beyond Excellent on all levels!

Aban Lam

I got connected within 1 week, which is above average for new NBN customers from the information I gathered...

Lu Dai

...FLIP scores 1000% in making the connection happen even in the most difficult situations...

Chandra S

pretty good value for money...


Why Choose Flip NBN

Flexibility with No Lock in Contract

All our plans have no lock-in contract giving you freedom to switch plans or cancel anytime.

Premium Quality Pre-Configured Modems

Getting connected with our modems is simple - just plug in and go and be assured our tech support can assist with any troubleshooting if required.

Anytime data usage

Unlike other providers, with Flip NBN there are no peak and off peak periods. You're free to use your unlimited data whenever you wish.

Enjoy incredible value within minutes

We pride ourselves on offering top value to all our customers.

Cheap Call Pack add ons

Add great value call plans from as little as $9.95 a month with Unlimited local and National calls.

Personalised Plans

Choose the speed plan right for you as well as customize your package with the option of included calls, tv streaming, modem and extras.

Additional Information

Connection times vary with the different types of nbn connections ranging anywhere from 1-15 working days.

In general, if you're already connected to the nbn with another service provider and are looking to transfer your service across, connections are usually complete within 24-72 hours once we receive your order, although it may take up to 5 working days to complete. If you are transferring from an active HFC connection, please be advised you may require a site appointment for a new nbn box and will therefore take longer than another type of transfer.

If you're connecting to the nbn for the first time, you may need nbn equipment installed in your property. For these cases, activation will take longer as an nbn Co technician will need to come round to complete your connection. We will always request the earliest available site appointment (unless you request otherwise) to complete the connection.

We always recommend that once you are notified your connection is active with us, you contact your old provider to make sure your service has been cancelled. Further, we recommend to not cancel with your existing provider before you have confirmation your service is active with us, especially if you are porting a phone number across as this may cause a disruption/delay with the order.

Yes, you can. The online order form will give you the option to request a later start date. We will endeavour to accommodate your request as close as possible to your requested time.

You'll firstly need to check if your address is nbn ready. If it is, then you'll need to decide if you'd like to purchase our modem or use your own. Our modems come pre-configured, ready to plug in and go for your specific connection type. If you choose to bring your own, you'll need to make sure the modem is unlocked and compatible with your connection type.

Any equipment installations required to get connected to nbn will be installed during the connection process if required and are free of charge.

We aim for our network to provide speeds as close as possible to the maximum speed of the plan at any time. Different types of nbn technologies and other general factors including type and/or source of content being downloaded, your software and hardware configuration and the number of users connected can affect the speed of your internet. Devices connected by Wi-Fi will generally experience slower speeds than those connected by Ethernet cable.

If your premises is serviced by nbn FTTN or FFTB technology, the maximum attainable speed of your nbn service will not be known until you are connected. We can inform you of your maximum line sync once connected. If you happen to experience significantly lower speeds than expected, our technicians will look into this and troubleshoot to improve.

Yes, you can also use your own unlocked - please check with your old provider to confirm is unlocked, nbn compatible modem but will be required to re-configure it to get connected (our tech support will endeavour to assist with this as much as possible).