Spanish TV Packages

Spanish TV Value Pack- $12.95 /month

This package provides the most popular Spanish channels, at a great price!

Spanish TV Value Pack- $12.95 /month

Spanish TV Super Pack- $19.95 /month

This package provides a comprehensive range of channels Spain and South America.

Spanish TV Super Pack- $19.95 /month

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We will contact you to confirm your order and to set up direct debit. Once confirmed, the streamer box will be sent which should arrive to your address within 3-5 working days.

Upon signing up, a small, set-top box will be delivered to you which is already pre-configured for your channel subscription. Satellite installation is not required.

There are 3 steps:
1.Connect box to power socket via power cable (included)
2.Connect box to your TV via HDMI cable (included)
3.Connect box to your internet via wifi or an Ethernet cable (included)

For more detailed instructions please see our Set Up and User Guide

Unfortunately no. Our streamer boxes are very easy to setup and come with an easy-to-follow instruction guide. We can help you over the phone in multiple different languages if you need help with the installation.

Yes, Flip TV requires a good internet connection. A minimum speed of 3Mbps is recommended.
Flip TV uses approximately 1GB per hour of streaming.

See more FAQs and further information about the packages on our support page

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Spanish TV Channels

  • NUESTRA TELE NOTICIAS 24 HORAS is an international 24-hour Spanish TV , opinion-heavy news channel. NTN24 provides news, analysis, opinion, sports and entertainment news programs in Spanish.

  • RCN shows breakfast Spanish television (Muy Buenos Días), news, religious programming (Cura Para el Alma), national telenovelas, as well as evening news and editorial TV shows.

  • RCN NOVELAS reaches homes throughout South America and Central. They arrived at the homes of South and Central America with love stories and remain in the hearts of viewers around the world.

  • Bolivia TV is the Bolivian national TV has a mission of public service – its ambition is to inform citizens objectively and to contribute to social and cultural development of the country.

  • TV VENEZUELA was created by an alliance of Globovisión and Canal Sur. TV Venezuela provides informative programming from talk shows to sports news.

  • Some of the most popular programmes broadcast by Antena 3 include Aquí no hay quien viva, Física o Química, El Barco, Los Protegidos, Los Simpson and El Internado.

  • TVE INTERNACIONAL is an internationally broadcast Spanish-language channel run by Spain's national broadcaster, TVE. Programming includes a mix of news, discussion-based programmes and drama and documentaries from TVE's La 1 and La 2 Spanish networks.

  • Canal 13 International is supported by content being broadcast live from Canal 13, plus miscellaneous, sports and news Spanish TV content developed specifically for international broadcast.

  • TV Chile is a television network that transmits shows from Santiago, Chile. TV Chile is the international signal of Television Nacional de Chile.

  • Ecuavisa's Spanish TV programming is oriented to family entertainment, educational programs, and soap operas. Ecuavisa has a nightly news broadcast, Televistazo, which locals consider the most reliable news show in Ecuador.

  • TELEFE INTERNACIONAL is the international signal of Argentina's channel Telefe. It broadcasts television programs produced by Telefe, mostly consisting of telenovelas, series, comedies, teen and children's series

  • EURONEWS SPANISH TV provides the latest international and European news in Spanish. As a rolling-news channel, headlines from both Europe as well as the world are broadcast in thirty-minute intervals.

  • Nautical Channel is the only international 24/7 nautical sports and lifestyle channel in the world